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Please fill out all of the fields below. Provide a brief outline of what you are applying for. If you are applying on behalf of someone, please specify and provide who they are,  what you are applying for. Also include why you think you or the person you are applying for would benefit from assistance from Boarding for Brant. 

“Our mission is to help individuals and families who otherwise cannot afford to participate in sports. We do not provide support for teams or any crowdsource funding.

Every application for funding is reviewed by our board. The board considers many aspects of each application, starting with financial need.  Other factors include the type of activity requiring support, the amount requested, and the financial situation of B4B at the time of the request for support.

B4B is committed to supporting individuals engaged in community sports.  We also remain faithful to Brant’s heart and vision.  Brant always supported and encouraged others to participate and enjoy their sport of choice.  B4B will continue to honour Brant by upholding his values and principals.”

What we look for?
- a demonstrated financial need
- the characteristics of Brant
- and a demonstrated interest in the sport of what they are applying
*please try include all of these aspects in your application*

Your application is submitted to our Board of Directors. We meet once a month from September - June. Your application will be reviewed and you will hear from us shortly.

Thank you for your interest in Boarding for Brant!

If you have any questions, please contact
Brooke Bandstra. P: 250.877.0498 E:

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Provide a brief outline of what you are applying for and how you would benefit from assistance from Boarding for Brant.


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